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Ok People! I return with Dwango Gackt Images!!! :D

Ok ok.. so i promised the screencaps from the commercial of Dwango.. and here they are! just in time!

BUT! before i post them all i have to see if i can get permission to post all these many pics in one time.. so for today ill post half.. that are about 12 ^^ the rest will come tomorrow ^^ (too many pics can hurt the eyes.. XDDDD)

i just made a photobucket account for just this journal and these posts! XDDD all for Gackt-san's love! XD

ok.. all in all i took about 100 screencaps but of course i wont post them all! ill just post the most interesting and gackt-filled ones XD (whether its the true or the wax gackt, its still Gackt XD)

so now before u start throwing things at me.. ill shut up and start posting!

*Ring Ring*

Come to life.. come on...

Still no response, eh..

*Bubble Bubble*

AH! he moved! hes aliveee!!! XD


More cracking.. this is still a gackt scene, ne? XD

OMG! Gackt! ur all wet!

cont with whats written on image: and even more hot(or cold?) like that.. XP

something woke me up..

Gackt's thoughts: mmhh.. thats such a weird ringtone...

'Who might that be?'

and finally i found this image yesterday somewhere off the internet.. but its incredibly small.. has any one of you fans out there.. have it in a better quality? and preferably larger?


extra super mini Gackt-immy

ok people.. hope you liked my extra super massive post! all screenshots are done by me.. took me an afternoon to make everything.. tomorrow ill post the rest!for the time being.. enjoy these images! and if anyone of you would like an image from the CM and u dont see it here.. tell me and ill post it ^^ (but i f its from the second part of the CM theyre still coming!)

this is also a massive thankyou to moonlit_sadness :D

i still need to know exactly how many images and stuff i can upload on photobucket.. ^^' to upload the rest >if anybody could fill me in with info..! i would appreciate it ^^'

i hope u will enjoy them! (as much as i do.. *.*)

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