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MOD POST Community Rules and new layout.

I have updated the User Info on this community. Apparently some of you don't bother to read it when you join a community. It's there for a reason. I have posted it under the cut, to make it easier for you, in case going to the actual community profile is too much for you to handle.

From now on, ALL posts that don't follow the community rules WILL BE DELETED. No exceptions, No warnings. I'm tired of having to remind people of the rules...seriously. So don't be surprised if your post is gone, and don't come to one of the mods with an attitude. That will only result in you getting banned. The rules are simple, and if they bother you...leave.

And no more of the "just to make this post legal" cut tags. It's not as cute as you think it is. This isn't a request community. Post pictures for us to enjoy. Don't just throw one up there so you can post icons, or request a clip. When you say the "to make it legal" crap, it is rude. So, posts that say that are deleted too. (posts with one picture are perfectly fine, just not that moronic cut tag)

The next steps I'm gonna take is ban all other things except pictures, or make all entries Moderated. I don't want to do this. I enjoy seeing all of your icons, and wallpapers. And I enjoy all of the clips you guys upload. I want to keep this community unmoderated, but I'm almost to the point of doing it.

Please let's keep this community a great place. If everyone will just go by the guidelines things will be fine. I know I always come off sounding like the bitch mod, but it's just gotten to that point. I hate having to sound like a nag, so please just follow the rules.

I love you guys, and thanks to those of you who are so encouraging and thoughtful. You make it worthwhile.

In, more pleasant news, theshiz has made our new layout. I love it so much! And I appreciate her taking the time to do it. *humps lisa* It's so shiny!! *__*

and no snide comments about this post not having a picture.... I am not in the mood. Bitch Mod post- anything goes. XP
on to the user info:
This is a community dedicated to Gackt. It is a picture community. EVERY post must contain a picture.

Post must contain ONE UNEDITED PHOTO. that means not PS'd, not an icon, colorbar etc. ONE UNRETOUCHED PHOTO

no matter how many times I say this, people still try to bitch at me when I remind them of it. Not cool, and not tolerated. That's the rule, so deal. The rules are not up for discussion, don't like the way i have my community, don't join.

Any and All posts that break rules listed below will be deleted immediately. NO WARNINGS, NO EXCEPTIONS. I'm tired of having to say the same things over and over again. READ the rules, and there won't be any problem.


-EVERY post must contain a picture, even your introduction post.

-The picture can be of Gackt and other people like members of gacktjob or Hyde (<3) but it has to have Gackt in it. No exceptions.

-Posts may not contain links to picture(s)(This means no links to different picture galleries, your journal, etc.). Thumnails are acceptable.

-If posting more than one picture, please use the LJ cut feature.

-If posting a picture outside of the LJ cut, please make sure it isn't too big, be dial-up friendly.

-No Hotlinking whatsoever. Found doing this, you are banned.

-If you want to post news or other things related to Gackt, you still have to post with a picture. It is a picture community, I think you get the point...

-It is ok if you post pictures that have already been posted. There is no way everyone could keep up with all of the pictures on here, and besides you can never get enough of a good thing.

-Crediting websites: You don't have to tell where you found pictures. Nobody can get an attitude about using pictures from their website. The only person with claims to a picture, is the person who actually has the photo copyrighted, which is either the photgrapher, or the magazine that actually bought rights to it. These people who make statements like, "don't take my images" or "you better comment if you take" have no ground to stand on, unless they actually shot the picture themselves. So don't freak out and worry about it. Anyone can google pictures and stick them on their website, so you can google and stick them here. Of course you can credit a website if you want to. It's your choice.

-Commenting: You don't have to comment on someone's post when you take a picture. You do have to if you take someone's icon, colorbar or other graphics. People took time to make these, and it's polite to comment when you take. It's required actually. It is ok to take "untouched" photos here, because this is a picture community and it is just understood that people are going to take your images.

-If posts don't follow the guidelines, the maintainers will delete the post/posts.
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*is humped*

And no more of the "just to make this post legal" cut tags.
THANK YOU! I hate that kind of post! :D

I love you, my little bitch mod!
*humps again*

Everytime i read those cut tags I get so pissed... guh. I'm glad you agree!

I love you too, slut! <33333.

i know.... wtf. Some people just don't get it. XP


12 years ago


12 years ago

i love you. <33333.

thanks for that.


12 years ago


12 years ago

I agree wholeheartedly about the "just to make this legal" thing.
also...love the new layout


12 years ago


12 years ago

i totally agree too! and apart u are the mod and you make the rules, if we join we must respect them.. >.> who doesnt like the rules then just shouldnt join! anyway ill shut up. im with you ^^
i luv this community and its my fav! :D it has a nice friendly feel to it XD
Go rawkstarr! and THANKS for this wonderful place~! ^^
P.S. congrats to theshiz who made the layout.. its gorgeous *.* goes with ur icon, huh? :P ;)
Thanks for the support hon! You are always so nice.

I put the rules there for a reason, and I don't see why people can't just follow them. I'm so happy that you love this community, I try to make it friendly...(except when i'm forced to be ugly..)

And yes!! I love the layout! she did an awesome job...
haha... ok no more "to make it legal cuts" its a good thing I bothered reading this... *whistles innocently* XD
what about posts that have Gackt pics but also are linking other pics? *puppy dog eyes*
Thanks for reading it.

All pictures of Gackt here should be either the picture or thumbnails of the pictures. If there are a lot of them, and you like to post one or two, and then give a zip of them, that's fine too. I don't know what you meant by linking to other pics...


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago

Good girl! And she comes out swinging. There shouldn't be any of this "legal" crap. This isn't a request or graphics community. Learn the rules, or don't let the door hit you on the way out. Served.
LMFAO... Thanks honey!

I haven't been able to keep up with things like I would like to, and I was catching up last night....and I kept seeing post after post where people just didn't care about the rules...not to mention all those damn legal smartass lj cut tags...wtf.

i love you! Sorry I missed you on AIM today.
Love the new layout ^___^
me too! I think she did a great job! I was tired of how plain the community used to look. XP
I love the layout^^.I think the mod is in a bad mood * the mod is scary*
No, not in a bad mood, just tired of people not reading the user info, and being rude.


12 years ago

You're scary. o.o

Nah, it was getting out of hand a little. I actually haven't watched this comm for a while because I wanted to avoid anything Diabolos-related, but I did miss it... Gotta have my daily dose of Gackt hottness!! Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thank you for making (and modding) this community! Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And I love the new layout... Image hosted by Photobucket.com It was way past due time that this comm had a proper one!! =D
Yes, I'm scary! lol XP

It was getting out of hand, especially like the last month. wtf. But welcome back.

You are welcome! <3333 I'm glad you like it here.

Me too!! It was wayyyyyyyy past time!
I'M SORRY! I know I did one of those posts..... This is all my fault!!!

*cries* I've dne a bad thing.. Oh no I'm going to burn in hell for all eternity even more! *sobcrywail* I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry!
*looks back*
I didn't do the cut thing! That's BETTER....
But I still said "To make this post legal" in it though.
I hope that doesn't count. I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllly sorry for saying it though!!!

*cries some more*

PS- I love the layout! Nice job, theshiz!
shut it! drama queen... <333333333333333333333

I'm talking about the people who do it sarcastically, but I am gonna delete posts that say that from now on. It's a mock to the rules that say you have to post a picture. Which is stupid, cuz this is a PICTURE community. Some people just throw a picture up there as a means to post their icons or promote their communities. I just don't like it. But, I know you weren't being an ass when you said it. *loves*

and isn't the layout great!! XD


12 years ago

I am glad that this will finally be taken out. It does suck to have to become a bitchy mod, but when people won't listen what can you do? If you ever need another maintainer though, I offer myservices. :)
Thanks for the support. I don't like being a bitchy mod, but it seems like that's all i ever do...lol I tend to be the mod that does it, cuz I feel like it's my responsibility since I created it... And besides I don't care if people get angry at me. I don't think the rules are hard or unreasonable, but apparently some people do. I mean, It's a PICTURE community. This isn't dears... guh

And thanks for offering to be a maintainer. We are still good at the moment, but this community is growing like I don't know what. We will probably need another maintainer in the future, and I'll definitely keep you in mind!! Thanks so much for offering.


12 years ago


12 years ago

omg, yay. I'm glad this community finally got a layout worthy of teh Gackt! :)

Oh, and... can we post icons as long as submit a real picture too? I'd been wondering, since I have icons I could sharez0r :P
I know1!! A layout!

And yes, you just HAVE to have the mandatory real untouched picture, and leave off the annoying "just to make this legal" shit. XD <3333. Can't wait to see your icons.

*Glomps layout maker and gives cookies*

Thank you for finally cracking down on those "make this post legal" cuts.

Now to get some piccies to share the Gackt love
I know!!! I'm so excited about the layout!!

You are welcome. I was so aggravated by it.

And yes!!! share the Gackt love!!!!!!!!!


12 years ago

Aw man I hope I'm not one of these people...*quivers in fear of mod-ness*

I mean I asked a few times before if you guys were alright with me posting links to my skins and you guys said it was alright. I never used the "to make this post legal" cuts because I get those on my daily community too and they piss me off also.

Sorry if I'm being annoying but this entry was posted right after mine so I went into panic mode once I saw it.
no honey! you aren't. You always post pictures. I don't care about links to skins and things as long as there is a legit unretouched photo with that. And you always do that.

You aren't annoying at all. I have just been too busy to really go thru gackt_daily lately...and picked last night to do it. And i got really pissed at all the entries where people just totally disregarded all rules, and the "just to make it legal" shit. grrrr.

love you!!!


12 years ago

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