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Dearest Gackt, Please take a vacation.

Further proof that Gackt needs to take better care of himself.

Passed out after a concert. Gackt works too damn hard and that worries me. Unfortunately, it seems that the brightest stars also burn the fastest. I'm not a religious person by any means, but I pray for him.

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Maybe we should all send him a message via that web site...
yes yes, we all should. ^^
lol loads of posts all at once! O.o email invasion XDDD
he should really take care of himself better!
Yes, Yes - my first email to DEARS (as a non-DEAR) was asking that Gact-san get more rest- he didn't listen to me....
Let's make a message, all together. What about that? We should start a topic about it...I'll make a forum in some minutes so we can discuss. I'll need help in the forum though. :3 Anyone cares about joining?

I had a forum once but it died. -.-

I'd totally join. We should make it like a petition.
it almost makes me feel guilty to go see a concert...