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Gackt in the Night

It's quarter to 1 am here. I should be doing homework, but I'm not.
Gackt gets prettied up




"Forgive me, Father Gackt... I've been having lustful thoughts..."

Inviting, no?


I want these boots.

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yeah i love the boots..and he looks so pretty as well. there are so many here that i like..Father Gackt is my fave though. yummy
Oh man. There is something seriously wrong with being this turned on by him dressed up as a priest. "Hi, I'd like a one way ticket to Hell please. Window seat preferably." I could only imagine the pennance he would dish out. o_O I would kick his ass if he ever sat on my car-especially with those monster boots.
Especially if you had a Boxster (which is what I believe that is).

forgive the off-color joke, but I gotta say that he's one priest who can molest me all he wants. X3
Suddenly wishing I were a Catholic school girl all over again. XD
I'd wish I'd actually been one in the first place, but I doubt there were any priests as damn sexy.
Thanks a lot! I love this pics ^__^
Why does the 8th one say light my laruku fire? o.o
Looks like it was put there after-the-fact by some gallery webmaster... it's probably the name of a site.
never have i seen.. a prettier priest! ** makes me dream and smile though XDDDD
such nice images!
and those boots! poor car.. XDDD
i LOVE the first one! *-* hes so cute there!
thanks for sharing :D
Ahh the business ..man...pic. you made me dizzy
"Forgive me, Father Gackt... I've been having lustful thoughts..."

You do not know HOW much that made me laugh xDxD

Oh, man....*fans self*
*mouth gets wet* I had the last ones, after business Gackt!! You always post awesome pics!! *drools over zzzzz pic*


I like the Wink!Gackt especially... he's so cute there.